Engaging in a Day of Service with Bowdoin Alumni

Thanks to the Bowdoin Club of Boston, I volunteered on a Saturday afternoon at Gaining Ground, a Concord-based organic farm that draws upon community volunteers to donate food to local meal and food programs.

Bowdoin Alums at Gaining Ground, an organic farm for a “Day of Service.”

Bowdoin Alums at Gaining Ground, an organic farm for a “Day of Service.”

Beverly Halliday, a Bowdoin alum who is on the Board of Directors of Gaining Ground facilitated introductions and not long after we were in two groups – weeding, planting and sorting various types of vegetables and flowers.

Having facilitated service trips for Concord Academy students, it was good to get first hand experience about the importance of environmental sustainability right in one’s own neighborhood.

If you ever find yourself looking for meaningful things to do over a weekend, I highly recommend spending time at Gaining Ground. Go U Bears!

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