To purchase the printed version of this blog click “Explorations in Sport for Development and Peace: Reflections of Coach and Educator.

In February 2012, I self-published a workbook than can teach everyone, particularly young players many life lessons through sport. It highlights the ideals of the sport for individuals and society. After each lesson is a blank page to help players reflect upon their growth and development over time by making note of milestones during their learning process.

To purchase the workbook click “What Squash Can Teach You.”


After reflecting on my professional and personal experiences, this workbook was inspired by my time with Reebok’s Human Rights Programs from 2004-2005. My colleagues at the Reebok Human Rights Award Program published in August, 2005, an uplifting piece of photojournalism titled “From the Pain Come The Dream: The Recipients of the Reebok Human Rights Award.

The company’s final ceremony for the Reebok Human Rights Award was conducted in 2006 which one can view from this video.





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