Supervising Co-Ed Intramural Squash

Today was the last day of classes for the 2012-13 academic year at Concord Academy which meant my evaluations were due for the co-ed intramural squash class that I have been teaching this spring. The course consisted of briefly revisiting the rules and etiquette of squash followed by timed games, conditioned games, offense/defense, round robins and team-based activities.

The Last Day of Class of Spring 2013 Co-ed Intramural Squash at Concord Academy.

The Last Day of Class of Spring 2013 Co-ed Intramural Squash at Concord Academy.

At the beginning of each class students also learned warm-up exercises and basic fitness routines. To allow for creativity and ownership of their learning process students also had the opportunity for “free play” to practice among themselves in a manner they saw fit. Furthermore, question and answers were given to students to educate them about the historical, economic and social aspects of the sport.

Overall, I had a few students who have the potential to play at the varsity level next winter. If they chose to enroll in summer squash camps then this will help further their preparation for the winter. At the end of class, I provide a list of resources with information on associations, magazines, books and local squash camps to help them continue their journey with squash. Hard to believe another season is over, but most of all I am blessed to work with such great kids.

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