The Journey into Infinity

After a hiatus from playing squash, I chose to start again in the Adult Open of the Newport Steamer at St. George’s School in Rhode Island. The event was organized by Chris Smith, Head Squash Coach of St. Paul’s School and Pat Cosquer, Head Squash Coach of Bates College. Both Chris and Pat have produced championship teams under their tutelage over the years with various squash programs and organized numerous successful squash events.

What was unique about this tournament was that it was in a beautiful setting with options for both kids and adults to compete thereby a pleasant experience for all. Making the effort to drive to Newport, stay in a hotel and play multiple matches required effort on my part but it was worth it and fun to explore a new side of New England. Among the many sights and sounds, the image below resonated with me about the infinite journey we are all on through space and time, both in the real world and the life-thereafter.

Artwork by St. George's students titled "The Journey."

Artwork by St. George’s School students in Newport, Rhode Island, USA titled “The Journey.” Photo credit: T. Mohammed

Overall, It was good to get on court again albeit this time around for exercise and enjoyment. It was also an apt reminder of how to put oneself in the shoes of former players and coaches, who work very hard to make such events available to the public – often with competing demands of academics, family and work. Furthermore, I have more admiration and respect for the “master’s” level players who despite age – demonstrated dedication to compete and still enjoy the benefits of the sport all with a smile.

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