Listening to a Young Olympian Set Goals For Rio 2016

I’ve been spending a lot of the time in Memorial Hall Library in Andover, MA contemplating, transitioning and hopefully preparing for the next step(s) for what the future may hold. Libraries are interesting spaces for self-discovery if one is at a crossroads.

Ruben Sanca, a Cape Verdean Olympian distance runner gave a talk at Memorial Hall Library to a diverse audience of New England residents. He spoke about his London 2012 Olympics experience and other highlights from his running career as well as his training regime while working full-time at University of Massachusetts Lowell. He generously answered questions from the audience ranging from running shoes, injuries and recovery.

Ruben Sanca, a Cape Verdean Olympian speaking at Memorial Hall Library.

Ruben Sanca, a Cape Verdean Olympian speaking at Memorial Hall Library.

It was reassuring to hear Ruben give advice to parents of young athletes on how every athlete is different and the importance of having fun. His positive developmental message to the audience was to enable young athletes to develop an interest in sport through an organic process. As a qualified coach, I was pleased with Ruben’s view that parents should enable young athletes to continue if they derive enjoyment from their participation.

Overall, it was an educational experience to attend the Memorial Hall Library event and meet an Olympian who is waiting to find out if his wild-card entry to the 2016 Olympics in Rio will be granted. Thank you to the staff and volunteers at Memorial Hall Library for organizing programs and events of interest.



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2 responses to “Listening to a Young Olympian Set Goals For Rio 2016

  1. sanca617

    Thank you for your kind words. I’ve launched a running website ( I hope to share some informative content in the blog section.


    • tqmohammed

      Thank you for sharing your new running website. Your current blog shows your determination and focus to pursuit your passion for running. It will be a terrific resource for the next generation.


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