How A Ball Can Change the World

Priya Gupta, Head Girl at Khelshala was recently featured on Aamir Khan’s, a Bollywood actor and director’s live cable TV program filmed in Chandigarh, India. Aamir Khan and Kapil Dev, a former World Cup-winning Indian cricketer, were asked questions from the audience members, one of whom was Priya.

Priya Gupta, Head Girl at Khelshala on National TV in India.

Priya Gupta, Head Girl at Khelshala on National TV in India.

The theme of the show was to discuss the concept of “sports for all” in India and how educational institutions can foster a greater balance between academics and sports. Programs like Khelshala are paving the way for disadvantaged youth to develop their sporting talents through education.

Priya’s appearance on national Indian TV, on behalf of Khelshala sets a great example for other Khelshala students to aspire to as well as raise awareness about the Khelshala – S.A.Y. – model in India. Thanks to Aamir Khan and Kapil Dev for hosting the show and helping to advance the sport for development and peace movement in India.  The future for Khelshala looks brighter!

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