Propagating Evidence-Based Research for Sport and Development

Over the years, I have been fortunate to attend several seminars, workshops and conferences related to sport for development and peace. Decision makers in this field often criticize practitioners (those who run organizations such as Kidsquash and Khelshala) for the lack of evidence-based research to demonstrate the return on investment in sport for development and peace.

Several years ago in a blog post, I made reference to discovering the literature on sport for development. To keep readers informed and promote learning, my colleagues in the International Sport for Development and Peace Association have mobilized academics across the globe to conduct greater research and study of the evolution of sport and social change. Those interested in learning more can read the open-access articles in the Journal of Sport for Development which caters to a wide audience ranging from students to decision makers.

This Journal is yet to publish research on the work of non-governmental organizations in India, such as Khelshala. Given India’s rising prominence in the global economy, the Trustees of Khelshala challenge students, teachers or professors to conduct field research with Khelshala on physical education, health and coaching as well as other disciplines to not only strengthen our effectiveness but promote knowledge-sharing. There are many possibilities for eager graduate students both within India and overseas to do qualitative and quantitative research that could potentially be published in the Journal of Sport for Development or others.

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