Kidsquash on World Squash Day

This weekend I was pleased to celebrate World Squash Day by starting Kidsquash’s 9th season at the Murr Center at Harvard University. Seven juniors who are all beginners set forth on their introduction to the game. Opening remarks by Luke Hammond, Lead Coach for Kidsquash were followed by basic ball control exercises, grip and swing mechanics.

Luke Hammond, Lead Coach at Kidsquash on World Squash Day.

Luke Hammond, Lead Coach at Kidsquash on World Squash Day.

Given the small group, Kidsquash students had sufficient feedback from the coaches as well as opportunities to test out their skills in a non-competitive environment. Luke’s well planned clinic had students working in pairs, figuring out the skills on their own with guidance from coaches as and when needed as well as practicing a variety of drills. Luke’s progression of drills, were such that by the end of the clinic, the beginners were able to have basic rallies.

Registration is still open to those who would like to sign up. Massachusetts Squash has kindly included our schedule on their master calendar for easy reference. Overall, it was a promising start to the season for these newcomers to the sport.

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