Facilitating Greater Growth and Learning in Sport for Development and Peace

In my early 2009 blog post titled, “A good starting point,” I encouraged those new to the field of sport for development and peace to view Youtube videos as means of becoming more familiar with current programs. Not that I can claim any credit for this, but fast forward to 2013, I was pleased to discover a website dedicated to raising awareness of the sport for development and peace sector.

Those of you who are interested in learning more about sport and social change programs, I recommend visiting and joining Sport4dev.tv, an emerging site that allows viewers to be active participants in the sport for development community.

Not only is it a good way of sharing one’s involvement (like I have already done with various Khelshala’s videos) but to learn about other sport for development programs in numerous countries and by sector, such as health, gender or disaster response. As the world becomes increasingly connected, communities of practice such as Sport4dev.tv will hopefully facilitate greater growth and learning for all stakeholders.

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