Khelshala Competing at the Indian Squash Nationals

It was very encouraging to get an update from Coach Bajwa about Khelshala kids eager to compete in the Indian Squash Nationals in Mumbai. According to Coach Bajwa, the kids have been preparing for the last 3 weeks and have begun to realize what they need to do take their training to the next level.

Furthermore, Coach Bajwa adds that the kids are committed to competing at Nationals. They recently arrived in Mumbai with much excitement and readiness to compete.  For many of them it will be the first time competing at a national level, but they are not deterred.

More than squash, this will be an educational experience for the kids in terms of exposure to a new city, interacting with a different group of people as well as self-discovery in unfamiliar territory. I am pleased to know that these kids are making strides in their journey with Khelshala.

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