Bridging East and West Through Sport

During my travels in India, I made time to visit Kodaikanal International School (KIS), my former boarding school in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. I attended Kodai, approximately 20 years ago and enjoyed my time as a student living and learning in such a vibrant community.  Below is a recent photo taken at the renovated squash courts.

 KIS_Squash Courts

Even though I technically did not graduate from Kodai, I was grateful for the KIS Alumni Association for featuring my professional squash coaching activities in the United States and India in their latest newsletter. This can be read here at KISAA Newsletter 2012 Issue 1.

Upon returning to visit, I found the school had maintained its character of providing a global education with an Indian flavor. I met with former teachers, staff and alumni who helped me reflect upon the intricacies of personal and professional growth. Overall, my visit to Kodai was a pleasant confluence of the past and present.

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