Coaching Winning and Losing Teams Simultaneously

Allow me to begin with a preface that this blog has been revised to take into consideration the reader’s interests as well a desire to balance my privacy. This is my third attempt at blogging. Earlier iterations were in the public domain and were experimental in nature.

Some of the blog posts you will read are from earlier editions and hence the later publishing date.The nature of the posts are themselves at times reports of events, reflections of thoughts and actions or lessons for oneself and others to carry forward in the field of sport for development and peace.

During the 2011-12 squash season, the boys varsity squash team at Concord Academy was undefeated, while the girls varsity were 1-11. As the Head Coach, who directs the squash programs at Concord, it was a good lesson in moving beyond winning and losing.

Surely, no one likes to lose. However, when you run practices day in and day out with student-athletes who are, for the most part, intrinsically motivated and striving for self-improvement, it takes the sting out of losing. In an increasingly competitive world, results do matter. However, more importantly, I hope students take the life lessons with them.

Concord Academy Girls Varsity at 2012 New England Championships at Pomfret School, CT

Concord Academy Girls Varsity at 2012 New England Championships at Pomfret School, CT

Above is a photo of the girls varsity team at the New England Girls C Division Squash Championships, where the top 3 CA players finished either second or third in their flights. All three of these girls were upperclassmen who I have enjoyed watching grow on and off the court. Overall, I am proud of the CA squash teams for winning with grace and losing with dignity.

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